Canvas X3 CADComposer 20.0 Build 440

Canvas X3 CADComposer 20.0 Build 440

Canvas X3 CADComposer — предназначена для точной визуализации трехмерной модели. CADComposer переносит Canvas X3 в другое измерение, расширяя базовое решение возможностью импорта и редактирования 3D-файлов CAD. Программа предоставляет уникальную интегрированную среду проектирования, позволяющую обрабатывать и комбинировать все 2D и 3D графические элементы и применять высококачественные эффекты в одном документе.

Используйте исходные файлы САПР для создания монтажных схем, руководств по техническому обслуживанию, руководств по ремонту, листов продукции, маркетинговых материалов и многого другого.

Преимущества программы:
• Полное 3D и 2D решение: импортируйте, редактируйте и объединяйте файлы CAD, векторные и растровые изображения в одном программном пакете.
• Лидирующая на рынке гибкость: импорт огромного количества 3D CAD, векторных и растровых форматов файлов.
• Необыкновенная детализация: работа с точностью до 0,035 мкм.
• Разнообразные выходы: экспорт многочисленных изображений и векторных форматов.
• Многофункциональность: полный набор инструментов для векторных иллюстраций и редактирования изображений.
• Простой и интуитивно понятный: учитесь быстро с интеллектуальным Canvas Assistant, динамической справкой.

It’s Canvas X with an added dimension
Canvas X3 is the technical illustration solution that understands 3D CAD, making it easy and efficient to create powerfully accurate visual documentation.

It gives you the ability to import and manipulate complex 3D CAD models and create sophisticated 2D visualizations, independent of CAD packages and specialist engineers.

— Enjoy unmatched control over 3D model visualization and work with greater independence and efficiency.
— Rotate and explode 3D models. Ghost, hide and highlight individual parts and apply a wide range of graphic effects to models for illustration.
— Access and work with file metadata to create automatic annotations and bill of materials tables.

Manipulate, visualize, repeat
In Canvas X3 visualizations of 3D CAD objects can be edited and re-edited as many times as you need, without you having to request new source files. X3 imports all the data you need to create compelling, custom illustrations of models for a raft of 2D assets.

Communicate precisely
show, hide, and ghost any part in your assembly to focus your audience on what you want them to see. use color to highlight parts within your assemblies, and move parts along their axes for exploded views which show your audience everything they need to know.

Get every point of view
display your 3D object precisely as you need to, using both orthographic and perspective views combined with a host of render modes including smooth, outlines, wireframes, technical, flat, and silhouette. vectorize your views with unbeatable detail and quality and export to a huge range of image and vector formats.

Unmatched versatility
Canvas X3 can import and access data in over 90 File Formats, including files created in all leading 3D CAD packages.
System Requirements | Hardware
— Intel® i3 or better 64-bit processor
— 8 GB RAM or more installed (16 GB RAM or more installed recommended)
— 5 GB or more free hard disk space (SSD 10 GB or more recommended)
— 16-bit color or higher (True Color recommended)
— Dedicated graphic card recommended
— 1280×1024 or higher screen resolution recommended​

System Requirements | Software
— Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (all 64-bit OS)
— DirectX11 or OpenGL2
— File | New from Template is added.
— Copy as Text button is added to the Properties bar of Table object so that you can copy the data to a spreadsheet in columns and rows.
— Edit | Paste in Place (Ctrl+Shift+V) is added so that you can place the contents in the clipboard at the original posion on another page.
— Ctrl-scroll the mouse now zooms in or out at the mouse pointer on a particular object.
— Layout | Smart Mouse & Guides now shows Smart Mouse On or Off and Virtual Guides On or Off.
— Drag and move the selected object in the Document Layout palette is improved.
— When opening raster image files, the document unit will be set to pixels.

— Fixed bug in which more than one Table object could not be copied and pasted in the document.
— Fixed bug in which EXIF date in JPG or TIF was not exported.
— Fixed bug in which images in indexed colors showed some artifacts when zooming out.
— Fixed bug in which objects copied in Canvas X were not pasted to Microsoft PowerPoint properly.
— Fixed bug in which closed Polygons had an extra symbol at the end point when applied with Symbol Pen strokes
— Fixed bug in which type style names that were created with the Type palette in CVD files were not correctly recognized when the CVD files were opened in Canvas X.
— Fixed bug in which the last state of the Smart Snaps in the Properties bar, either on or off, was not remembered after the application was restarted.
— Fixed bug in which the search feature in the Document Layout palette only found the first matched item on the current page.
— Fixed bug in which the Marquee tool remained selected after using Image) | Selection to Path) on the image.
— Fixed bug in which Calligraphic strokes were not exported properly to PDF or SVG.
— Fixed bug in which the Page Navigator did not show the opened CVTPL file when another document was displayed there.
— Fixed bug in which Smooth Polygon objects were displayed as “Polygon” in the Status bar.
— Fixed bug in which hovering the column header icons in the Document Layout palette did not show the proper tooltips.
— Fixed bug in which Undo did not revert resizing an object with basic dimensioning objects at once.
— Fixed bug in which Align functions did not work with Linear Dimensioning objects.
— Fixed bug related to selecting texts in cells of the Table object while the Smart Mouse was on.
— Fixed bug related to selecting data or time stamp in the header or footer and replacing it with another.
— Fixed bug related to creating lines on the Guide layer while Anchor, Center and Intersection were enabled in the Smart Mouse palette.
— Fixed bug related to using the Smart Vector Fill tool on Lens objects.
— Fixed bug related to changing the Font Attributes in the Find palette.
— Fixed bug related to changing the font of bound texts which were partially hidden

Known Issues
— Ctrl+Shift+V is reassigned from Edit | Paste Into to Edit | Paste in Place.

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2020
Платформа/ОС: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (all 64-bit OS)
Язык интерфейса: English
Лекарство: В комплекте
Размер: 610 MB

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