Franzis SHARPEN Video #1 professional 1.19.03607

Franzis SHARPEN Video #1 professional 1.19.03607

Franzis SHARPEN Video — повышайте резкость видео профессионально прямо сейчас! Используйте интеллектуальную автоматическую коррекцию размытия для повышения резкости видео со смартфонов, камер, фотоаппаратов или дронов с естественным видом и превосходным качеством изображения. С 24 и 45 предустановками резкости.

Особенности Franzis SHARPEN Video #1 professional:
• Поддержка видео в форматах: mpeg4 (h.264 / h.265), wmv, webm, avi, flv, asf, mov, mkv, mxf, mp2
• Сохранение видео в форматах: mpeg4 (h.264), avi (без сжатия)
• Функция PSF, включая отображение сравнения
• Режимы качества резкости (Balanced, Pro, Pro +, Pro Infinity): 4
• Уменьшение видео артефактов
• Зеркальное отображение видео / флип
• Предустановки резкости: 45
• Категории резкости: 7
• Защита цвета Sharpness HD
• Режим резкости, яркость / градиент
• Шаблоны изображений (предустановки): 24
• Просмотр сравнения с увеличительным стеклом

Main Features:
— 4 sharpness quality modes
— Fuzzy function PSF including comparison display
— Sharpness HD color protection
— Video artifact reduction

Sharpen videos professionally
You probably know that: The focus was not precisely on the object that you filmed or the whole video looks blurred and has little contrast. If perfect video quality is important to you, then take a closer look at the new SHARPEN Video # 1 professional! With SHARPEN Video # 1 professional you can sharpen your videos easily and quickly, without having to familiarize yourself with complicated and expensive software.

Load your video, choose a preset and use the intelligent automatic function: the program analyzes and corrects your image automatically! In addition, there are many post-processing tools available to help you get the most out of your videos. With SHARPEN Video # 1 professional you have the right tool at hand to edit your videos quickly and easily and to sharpen your best videos in a professional way.

Brilliant improvements
SHARPEN Video # 1 professional not only offers the possibility to sharpen videos professionally, it can also carry out haze and fog correction. Correction is necessary in many difficult lighting situations and is a welcome feature in professional drone videos.

You can choose exactly the right degree of sharpness for your video from four different blur reduction modes — from “Balanced” to “Pro Infinity”. In addition, the software offers intelligent masking functions to protect image elements that should not be sharply drawn.

The user interface
The user interface is optimized for use with HD and ultra HD (4K). All main areas can be moved individually and all buttons are provided with interactive explanations (tooltips).

Recommended System Requirements:
— Operating system: Windows 8/10 (64 bit)
— Hardware: 8 GB RAM, Intel I7 (or comparable AMD processor), DirectX compatible graphics card, screen resolution 1920×1080 (or greater)

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2021
Платформа: Windows® 8/8.1/10 (64-bit only)
Язык интерфейса: English / Deutsch
Лекарство: crack.eXe
Размер файла: 141.92 MB

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