ON1 Effects 2020.1

ON1 Effects 2020.1

ON1 Effects — включает в себя сотни встроенных фотоэффектов, текстур, пресетов, границ и фактур, которые позволят полностью создать свой собственный стиль. ON1 Effects поможет вам сделать из простой фотографии, настоящее произведение искусства.

ON1 Effects включает в себя все, что вам нужно: для градации цвета, для стиля фотографии HDR или для элегантного черно-белого изображения. Вы также можете настроить любой внешний вид на свой вкус и быстро сохранить свои собственные пресеты.

Stack Effects
Combine multiple effects to create any possible look. Includes 23 stackable filters and hundreds of presets, borders, and textures.

Selectively Apply
Use the easy-to-use yet powerful tools to target your effects to specific areas of your photo. Every effect can be brushed in or out in just seconds.

Create and Save Your Own Presets
Once you’ve made your adjustments, you can save your own preset for quick access later on.

Live Adjustments and Previews
Responsive sliders and tools. We’ve made sure that your tools and slider adjustments won’t stick, giving you a fast and smooth editing experience. Filters respond fast and presets are easy to find and apply.

Effects 2019 works as a standalone app or as a plug-in with:
— Adobe® Photoshop® CC 2019
— Adobe Lightroom® Classic CC 2019
— Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and above
— Apple® Photos

Create Any Look or Style
Stackable and customizable photo effects providing endless creative possibilities.

[spoiler=What’s New]
The Perfect Tools for Applying Effects
The world’s best effects for finishing your photos. The collection of tools in ON1 Effects 2019 are perfect for selectively applying effects and cleaning up your photos.

Photo Effects
Non-destructive, stackable, and re-editable photo filters and presets

Creative Assets
Includes hundreds of built-in photo effects, filters, LUTs, borders, textures, and presets

Quick View Browser
Quickly preview the effects and how the look appears on your photo

AI Quick Mask Tool
AI technology detects your subject matter and automatically creates a mask

Masking Brushes
Blend photos together for exposure or create vignettes and graduated filter looks

Adjustable Gradients
Add common adjustments to only a portion of your photo

Touch Up Tools
Crop, content-aware fill, clone, refine, chisel, and blur are perfect for touching up photos

Luminosity Masks
Create luminosity masks based on the image to automatically protect the highlights or shadows

Stack Filters
Like placing filters on the end of your camera, just a easier

Skin Retouching
Easily retouch using filters specific to skin tones

Custom Presets
Easily save and organize your own looks and presets

Live Previews
Preview any look or effect instantly[/spoiler]

System Requirements:
— Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (current maintenance releases, 64-bit only)
— Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon, or better
— 4 GB (8 GB when used as a Photoshop plug-in)
— 1.5 GB for installation
— OpenGL 3.3-compatible video card with 256 MB video RAM, 1280×720 resolution (at 100% scale factor)

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2020
Платформа: Windows® 10/8/8.1/7 (64-bit only)
Язык интерфейса: Английский / English
Лекарство: cracked
Размер файла: 721.9 MB

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