Marvelous Designer 11 Personal 6.1.723.37401

Marvelous Designer 11 Personal 6.1.723.37401

Marvelous Designer Personal — это одна из лучших программ по конструированию одежды в помощь 3D-дизайнерам и модельерам. Революционная система моделирования с помощью физики. Теперь вы сможете создавать точные модели одежды, используя только Marvelous Designer, без помощи других САПР-приложений. Marvelous Designer поддерживает полилинии, рисование свободных кривых, швов. Любые изменения модификации немедленно отображаются на 3D-модели одежды в режиме реального времени.

Основные функциональные возможности Marvelous Designer:

Быстрая и точная драпировка:
— Многоуровневая симуляция позволяет быстро создавать высококачественные тканевые драпировки. Благодаря алгоритмам распараллеливания программа достигает высочайшей скорости работы на многоядерных процессорах. Выкройки можно примерять для трехмерного манекена.

Поддержка различных физических свойств:
— Физические характеристики одежды отражаются в различных свойствах: степени растяжимости, сминаемости, намокания, плотности, толщины и др. Контроль данных параметров дает возможность симулировать различные виды материалов. Механизм рендера обеспечивает высококачественные трехмерные изображения, реалистичностью сопоставимые с настоящей одеждой.

Импорт и экспорт:
— Marvelous Designer может импортировать любые файлы Collada и OBJ из большинства инструментов трехмерного моделирования, таких как DS Max, Maya, SoftImage, LightWave, Poser, Daz Studio, Vue и Modo. Поддерживается экспорт файлов манекенов и одежды в формате OBJ.

Разработка выкройки и шитье:
— Создание базовой выкройки (полигоны, прямоугольники, круг, выточка).
— Редактирование базовой выкройки.
— Профессиональное черчение кривых.
— Сшивание сегментов и свободное сшивание.
— Сгибание.
— Вставка резинки.
— Синхронизация выкройки и трехмерной модели одежды.

Проектирование текстур:
— Базовое редактирование текстур (перемещение, поворот, изменение масштаба).
— Создание принтов (для логотипов и пуговиц).

— Изменение позы.
— Морфинг.
— Проектирование позы.

— Предварительная визуализация в реальном времени.
— Аппаратная генерация теней.

You don’t have to be a fashion designer. It’s simple and easy.
Our technology is based on the art of sewing and patternmaking (making the blueprint for a garment), which we believe is the only way to realistically express garments. You don’t need a fashion design background to create clothing using Marvelous Designer. It is surprisingly easy and simple with our intuitive tools. Build your skills by mastering our online curriculum.

Easy-to-use software that just makes sense.
Designing ‘true to life’ virtual garments is easy and straightforward with our intuitive user interface and tools such as arrangement points and pins. Marvelous Designer saves you from guessing how clothes should fit in real life. Textural coordinates are packaged along with your patterns for simple data translation and use. Edit textures, fabrics and its physical properties via preset our library to accurately simulate onto your characters without costing countless hours.

Authentic simulation for amazing animation.
Bringing your characters to life shouldn’t take a lifetime. Traditional modeling and sculpting techniques require hours of work for each wrinkle, bend, and fold and don’t guarantee convincing results. Marvelous Designer’s animation cache functionality with high-polygon modeling makes it possible to capture the realistic movement of clothing when draped onto moving characters, whether they are running, jumping, or twirling midair.

Revolutionizing 3D virtual clothing.
Marvelous Designer’s novel pattern-based approach allows not only for beautiful graphics, but also compiles your garments’ data to be reused, revamped, and refreshed again and again.

Pattern Creation and Editing
Our expansive pattern design feature lets you easily create and edit rectangular, circular, or any other polygon shaped patterns. In addition, we provide intuitive interfaces such as moving point/segment in parallel/perpendicular fashion, moving point/segment via input value, or dividing the segment in proportion.

Segment and Free Sewing
Check out the simple and smart sewing tool that you can define sewing direction and range accurately and edit them at any time, which is not fully supported in other 3D CAD software. Our simple and smart sewing tool makes life easier for users. You can easily create and edit seam lines with more freedom in sewing directions and range, accurate sewing has been extremely difficult to articulate in other 3D CAD software due to the limitations in its narrow directions and range.

Marvelous Designer 11 has officially released now!

And it includes new features aiming to enhance cloth design/simulation workflow within Marvelous Designer, making the process more simple and efficient.

Key Highlights

1. UI Changes
Users are now able to set up a workspace and tool-sets according to their preference. Customizing window layouts and using multiple modes at a time in different 3D windows is now possible. Additionally, your most-frequently used tools can now be popped out from the menu bars and located freely around your screen.

2. Retopology Improvements
New in version 11 are retopology ‘Ghost Points’ that allow users to snap their custom-drawn topology to previously drawn topology across sewing relationships. This makes sure that vertices at seams line up perfectly. Additionally, the Patch Topology tool has been added which allows users to quickly block out even topology in rectangular or triangular patches with set divisions.

3. Partial Solidify
Selects part of meshes with the brush tool, so that those selected sections will remain solidified during simulation. This allows the user to keep wrinkles details they like in one area, while styling other areas.

4. Store
Garment items from the store are now available to purchase or download from inside of Marvelous Designer (Windows Only)

5. Animation UI Changes
The Animation Editor is now located at the bottom of the user interface, callable with an upturned triangle. The Animation Editor also now includes frame rate and playback options, so users can preview their garment animation at the intended frame rate prior to export.

What’s new in version 6.1.723.37401:

— Added U/Y shortcut key option for Edit/ Create Retopology Mode
— Changed Fabric Preset selection method
— Added a new file type setting to the Alembic Export dialog

— Issue that icon text in 2D, 3D windows breaks when using AMD Graphic card
— Issue that crash occurs upon the exiting of the software
— Issue that Auto Save Interval Option went lowering to 5 minutes or less
— Issue that program being forced to shut when it is used for a long period
— Issue that shortcut key was not deleted when reopening the software after deleting it
— Crash issue upon the power off of 4K monitor that has the software running on
— Crash issue at Alembic Import
— Minor bug fixes

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2022
Платформа: Windows® 11/10/7/8/8.1 (64-bit only)
Язык интерфейса: Multilanguage / Русский / English
Лекарство: crack.eXe
Размер файла: 1.45 GB

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