TrackOFF Elite

TrackOFF Elite

Вы наверняка знаете, что сохранность ваших персональных данных в интернете всегда находится под угрозой. Стандартные антивирусы не справятся с этой задачей. TrackOFF Elite прекратит слежку за Вами, отключит навязчивую рекламу и скроет историю посещений сайтов от чужих глаз.

Ваш компьютер оставляет уникальные «отпечатки пальцев», которые можно использовать для отслеживания ваших действий. TrackOFF работает, как перчатка, и скрывает «пальцы» вашего компьютера. Скрытые куки могут рассказать подробную историю о том, где, как и что вы делали в Интернете. TrackOFF удаляет их за секунды.

Особенности TrackOFF Elite:
TrackOFF Elite имеет все функции TrackOFF Basic плюс встроенный VPN. IP-адрес вашего компьютера выдает хакерам и другим заинтересованным лицам ваше точное расположение. Функция VPN в TrackOFF помогает это предотвратить. Шифрование — сложная штука, но с помощью TrackOFF вы легко можете включить зашифрованный вход для таких важных задач, как онлайн-банкинг.

— Защитит от кражи личной информации
— Подробные отчеты об отслеживании
— Расширенное удаление файлов cookie
— Личный поиск
— Анонимный просмотр (VPN)
— Маскировка местоположения

Your identity and personal life up for grabs
It’s not a conspiracy. For years companies have been secretly monitoring nearly everything you do online, selling and sharing YOUR whereabouts and activity to gradually influence your daily life and decisions.

ID thieves on your trail
In today’s world of data breaches and identity fraud, there’s a whole new risk you need to know about. Modern tracking threats—also called digital fingerprinting—allow data miners to steal information about your family (age, religion, work and school), your finances (income, debt, credit, loans, bank accounts), web history (articles, videos, shopping). The ID thieves know where the information is stored, and they want it. Bad.

Prevents online ID theft
Your computer has a unique fingerprint that’s used to identify and track you. TrackOFF works like a glove to protect it.

Shields your Internet browsing history from prying eyes
Hard-to-remove tracking cookies tell the story of who you are and where you’ve been. TrackOFF blasts them away in seconds.

Shows who’s trying to track you and stops them
Ever wonder who’s following you online? TrackOFF shows you a list of every website trying to scoop up your info.

Masks your location
Your computer’s IP Address reveals your location to marketers and advertisers. TrackOFF’s VPN stops them from knowing where you are.

Detects threats in real-time
State-of-the-art technology identifies attempts to collect your personal, family, medical, and financial data.

Schedules your browsing cleanings
Don’t have time to manually erase your browsing history? No worries! Set it and forget it with easy removal.

Helps you search privately
With DuckDuckGo, you can perform searches with peace of mind that they’ll never be logged.

Installs easily
A no-hassle configuration means that you’re protected in minutes.

Automatically syncs to your browsers
TrackOFF knows which browsers are on your computer and enables protection.

Won’t degrade your browsing experience
Some software blocks essential elements of webpages. TrackOFF allows the good and stops the bad.

Doesn’t store your data
We believe in true privacy online, which means we’ll never collect or sell your personal information.

Our dashboard gives you a snapshot of the privacy threats we’ve prevented, as well as statistics on how well you’re being protected.

Encrypted Browsing
Other VPN software is confusing. Ours is simple. Activate it with one click to encrypt your browsing and mask your location.

My Tracks
Cookies tell the story of who you are and where you’ve been online. Easily remove them to get rid of targeted ads. Or set a schedule, and TrackOFF will remove them for you.

Private Search
Most search engines collect, store, and share your data. TrackOFF uses the DuckDuckGo search engine, where searches are truly private.

Get a full list of tracking attempts blocked or see when your digital fingerprint was last changed.

Privacy Score
Provides a quick and easy way to determine if your software is configured and running properly. The score is affected by TrackOFF’s various privacy tools and settings.

Browser Intergration
TrackOFF integrates seamlessly with your favorite web browsers for fingerprint-based protection.

Clearing Data
One click away from clearing your fingerprint data history.
— NEW A fresh coat of paint to streamline your experience
— NEW TrackOFF can now show who’s tracking you without relying on browser extensions
— NEW App front-end code rewritten from the ground up on HTML5
— Improved VPN connection stability and reliability
— Enhanced app speed and performance
— Over 100 small bugs fixed

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2020
Платформа/ОС: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Язык интерфейса: Multilanguage / Русский / English
Лекарство: В комплекте
Размер: 136 MB

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